Urban Images: Re-imagining the City Through Moving Images

An International Symposium at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway, September 9-10, 2010.

The Urban Images symposium brings together an internationally renowned group of artists and scholars for a two-day program in order to discuss the field of artistic film and video related to architecture and urban space. The objective of the symposium is to expand theoretical concepts and artistic tools for understanding the inherent qualities of moving images and its relationship to urban culture. The program focuses on moving images’ influence on urban architecture, urban architecture’s relationship to avant-garde film, the city as a source for artistic film and video, and reflections on urban architecture in recent film and video art.

Considering the globally expanding urban developments and the increasingly fluid borders between research in architecture and moving images, this symposium presents important cross-disciplinary inquiries in the fields of architecture and visual practice. Bearing in mind Gilles Deleuze’s sensitivity to the ways in which contemporary culture is becoming fundamentally an audiovisual culture, the symposium will outline ontological and psychological relationships to moving images in the context of urban environment.

The following speakers presented their most recent research in this field: Parveen Adams, Giuliana Bruno, Bull.Miletic, Andreas Bunte, Beatriz Colomina, Mark Cousins, Edward Dimendberg, Tom Gunning, Henrik Gustafsson, Marit Paasche, and Judy Radul.

Moderator: Mattias Ekman

Registration fee: NOK 400 (NOK 200 students) The symposium has ended!

The papers and artistic presentations from the symposium are published in "Urban Images: Unruly Desires in Film and Architecture." For further information about press inquiries and orders, please contact <mail[a]sternberg-press.com>.

Questions regarding the symposium can be directed to Synne Bull <synne[a]bull.miletic.info> and Marit Paasche <maripaas[a]khio.no>

The Urban Images symposium is organized by the Oslo Academy of Fine Art in collaboration with Atelier Nord. Generous support is granted by The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Public Art Norway (KORO), Oslo Municipality, Embassy of the United States in Oslo, and German Embassy in Oslo.